Thanks to its experienced team, Eclettica’s Software Development Division can support the client in the delicate processes of infrastractural adjustment, as well as offer consulting and planning services with an added value. We provide bespoke software development as a service, so your software project can be successfully delivered with a minimum of cost.  Our software developers specialise in solving challenging problems and we take a broad view of the market and of available technologies.


We can offer you:

  • bespoke system tailored to your specific business requirements, be it a website, a mobile or a desktop or server application.
  • great quality at a low total cost of ownership – because our talented software developers get things right first time.

Our ability to achieve this is due to our combination of technical excellence, great project management and Agile processes tailored to your project.

Eclettica’s development team,infact, can devise solutions using the most innovative technologies, being the perfect partner for project development. Our PMs work in synergy with our company’s divisions and a network of qualified partners to address the most complex needs and turn them into technically and economically sustainable solutions.

Based on a long experience, our solutions allow the integration of systems and products, delivering complex and flexible results. Each project has high quality standards and is delivered with adequate documentation and appropriate management and maintenance procedures. Eclettica’s choice to provide personalized solutions has led the technical team to make strategic management and technological choices and fully embrace the Open Source philosophy, until it has become the main strength of the Enterprise solution. Eclettica consolidated its knowledge on some of the platforms/frameworks that today make up the core of the realized platforms. Below is the technological framework employed by our software architects:




Most of the times companies that cannot employ the softwares that are already available on the market for best managing their resources, need a software that is tailored to their specific needs. The team of developers at Eclettica’s software development division has a ten-year experience and shared skills. It mainly creates bespoke softwares and modules to integrate into proprietary projects. Relying on a long experience, our Software Engineers can plan and realize complex projects. The methodologies of development allow to reduce project risks and working time. Our engineers can assess in advance the technologies and methodology that are best suited to a project.