eMaRSBeyond independence from device, mobile applications often work by using heterogeneous data environments and it is thus necessary to be able to integrate in a single mobile applications the data coming from different databases, web services, and other applications. This is another case where the mobile service supply architecture we provide makes such integrations easy and simplifies back-end integration in complex environments, besides providing integration functions towards systems of Unified Communication for companies.

Ecletticapache-cordova-phonegap-520x235a’s team includes developers who specialize in implementing mobile applications. The team assists clients across all the phases of mobile application creation, from strategic planning to project design, and development. Today a mobile application is a great investment to improve one’s business and increase company visibility. In order for the project to be successful the client needs to plan ahead and estimate the quality of the user experience and the application’s usability. Aims and usability must therefore be clearly outlined. When planning a mobile application it is imperative that all the limitations of design be taken into account, given the reduced operative space. Design must be simple, with an easy-to-navigate structure. Usually, clients are advised to design a mobile app that is as optimal as possible, with relevant basic functions. However, the available hardware capacity must be also taken into account in order to design an application that does not offer too many functions, because that would make it slow and not easy to use. The mobile apps designed by Eclettica employ a combination of basic and web application functions. The company boasts a thorough knowledge of contemporary development platforms for mobile application and promotes itself as the perfect partner to turn ideas into physical projects.