UCThe success of a company depends on the skills of its collaborators and the chances they are offered to communicate and cooperate not only in a specific work and technological environment, but also with the company’s other business processes. Companies feel the need to put collaborators at the core of their communications, integrating available communication channels, working to filter contacts, rationalize flows, and promote efficient ways to work together in a continuous fashion. Our goal is to connect persons with other persons and with the information they need to let them act swiftly, from anywhere, at any time, with any communication device.

Presence management

Presence management enables many collaboration solutions, integrating instant messaging, call control, voice application, videoconferences, mobile phoning, etc.. It enables the processes of Unified Communication that are essential to any project of integrated communication.

Eclettica’s presence and collaboration solutions mainly rely on open source system such as Zimbra, Funambol, Asterisk, etc.. Our company selects and fully manages them to reduce installment costs and ensure top-quality performance.

Our Presence and Collaboration solutions allow Companies to finally get the tools to efficiently manage communication, making the best of a competitive relationship between quality and cost.

Unified Communication

Instant messaging, e-mail, voicemail, mobile devices are the common tools 21st century workers want to use at the office.

Company performance benefits from emailing and voicemailing, that have by now become traditional means of communication, but the employees spend a long time managing their email accounts.

A centralized messaging engine that fosters unified communication and collaboration apps can simplify company processes and leave more time for other activities. The core of such engine is the integrated management of instant messaging with the other company applications, unified messaging, and mobile devices. Instant messaging (IM) is a quick and easy tool to collaborate on a one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many basis, regardless of the location of the participants. Precious time is lost waiting for a reply to an email, or listening to a voicemail. Instant messaging makes interaction immediate like a voice call, but much less intrusive. Associated with Presence management, Instant Messaging is a powerful tool that can be extended to voice calls, videos, and conferences.

Unified Messaging (UM) provides mobile workers with the possibility of managing emails, calendars, and voice messages from their tablets and smarphones as they move. With interactive voice technology the users can listen to and reply to messages, as well as manage their calendars, using their voice to interact with the device.

This and the possibility of interacting with the other company applications is made possible by integrating widespread market products. However, this requires an in-depth knowledge of several technologies, an expertise of processes and security, as well as knowing how to re-use and develop software: it is not easy to find a single player with all such characteristics.