Eclettica is an innovative software production and development company, founded in December 2012 as Nexsoft S.p.a.’s transfer of business. From the beginning, the company has invested in the qualified expertise of its team and its international clients, establishing itself as a reference in the field of System Integration in Italy. With its policy of structured growth, Eclettica aims at tailoring its offer to the demands of Big Enterprises in Italy. In April 2013 Eclettica obtained the ISO 9001 certification, establishing partnerships with BROCADE, Fortinet, Oracle, and more. Thanks to the high know-how that its founders and key people have acquired in the areas of outsourcing, solution management, and applications and services production, Eclettica has, since the beginning, been able to establish itself as a provider of innovative solutions on the Italian market. Thanks to its qualified offer, in its first year the company became a provider to some of Italy’s biggest companies, including Fastweb, Consorzio Bancomat, Hp, Selex ES, and more. 56CUBE s.r.l., the incubator active in Campania region and managed by venture incubator Digitalmagics S.p.A., has offered its financial support to Eclettica since the beginning, spearheading its growth and introducing the company to the dynamic market of Italian startups.

Eclettica mainly serves big Italian and European Corporates, which are responsible of most of the company’s turnover. This market is not open to all players, but Eclettica has been able to overcome the obstacles and now boasts a solid client base and a steady influx of proceeds. Another feature of the market is the timing of the chain of production/invoicing/payment of received commissions, which only a well-structured company with a solid network and steady growth can meet.

Yet another approach is required for digital startups, with which Eclettica is hoping to establish a partnership as technology provider. This is a more dynamic market, less hindered by the production requirements of the enterprise market, where the devising of modules that can be integrated is quicker and more dynamic.